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"Medical costs are the tapeworm of American economic competitiveness."

- Warren Buffett

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Hi, I'm Joe Sanberg,
Co-founder of Aspiration.

“There is no reason why health care should be a burden for either employers or their employees. If we want to be competitive on the world stage we must address the corruption in our health care system.”

Let's work together to find a way forward.

Business Leaders for Health Care Transformation is a coalition of business leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and concerned citizens who believe that the employer-based health insurance system is fundamentally broken and hinders American competitiveness. We have members from every state and nearly every industry in the country.


The employer-based health insurance system hurts economic growth, suppresses wages, and creates a stagnant workforce. Our mission as an organization is to educate the public and the business community about the common sense solutions that would fix this crisis by reducing health care costs and expanding access for everyone.”

Daniel Barlow, Executive Director

Business Leaders forHealth Care Transformation


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